About Us

Gloria and Major Stewart are the pen names of a couple who are active writers in other areas. We have been married for over 50 years and have survived raising two children. We now are smiling as we watch them raising our four incredible grandchildren. Now we can look forward to the next generation.

Major and Gloria Stewart


We decided to write this blog on vegan cooking because of the old joke that healthy food is taste-free. We want to enjoy eating healthy food. This blog shares the results of our explorations of finding ways to prepare foods that promote good health and have great taste. Our choice is to eat a vegan diet.


Veganistry (vi-GAN-uh-stree)

  1. The science that deals with understanding gourmet vegan cooking.
  2. Building skill with the practice of vegan cooking.
  3. The art of vegan cooking.
  4. The attraction between two people who love to cook gourmet vegan foods.

Origin: 2012 by Major Stewart who is a vegan chemist.


Major is a chemist by training and is retired from teaching chemistry at a small university in a small town. He loves to develop new recipes using the same approach as to doing experimental work in a chemistry laboratory. Understand the ingredients and what they do, then combine them in creative ways to make a great dish. If the dish isn’t quite right, then modify until it is right. He is a great cook, but seldom makes the same dish twice because he is always tinkering with the ingredients trying to make it better.

Gloria is a writer currently in the midst of a major project in historical fiction. She loves to cook. Her style is more “what feels right to add to this dish?” A recipe is just a starting point for ideas of what to cook. She is a great cook, but seldom makes the same dish twice because she doesn’t remember the quantity or even the exact ingredients she used the first time.

Both of us have co-authored many works together over the last 30 years. Major is the researcher and Gloria is the story teller.

Gloria complicates our diet with hypoglycemia and soy intolerance. That means no sugar, no tofu, no soy sauce, no soy oil or any other soy products. We love a challenge.

We thought that we would enjoy sharing some of our food explorations with you. Make our recipes, feel free to experiment with them. Please do let us know what you think. If you have made an improvement, let us know as well.